100% of our company profits are going to charity – very soon!

At SMC Studios we believe in love! We believe it should be shared and it should be given freely. We believe that the moment you give love it comes back many times over. So having said that – we decided to undertake an experiment. Read the story of SMC Studios Founder, Richard Mills below.

“I have always had the tendancy to act on impulse. If I have an idea, I quickly consider it and if it seems right and the time is right I trust my better judgement and act on it. This is what happened when I decided to do something completetly different and hand over ever dollar I make from my company, SMC Studios to charity.

By 2020 (but most probably well before) SMC Studios will be re-structured into a ‘not-for-profit’ organisation (which basically means the surplus and revenue that we genreate will not be distributed to the main shareholder (me) instead we will give that money to areas in the community that are providing essentail services such as children’s welfare, mental health, environment, indigenous culture and the list will go on.

We will still be the same company from the outside – it’s just our purpose and mission for making money will be different to what you would normally expect from a company originally set up to make money”


What can you do to help?

“Booking us to cover your wedding is the best thing! We are actively trying to grow our company as much as possible over the next 12 months so we can make the most impact when we go not-for-profit with the highest possible profit margin. 

If you like what we do (our work, prices and inclusions) contact us today!

We are still normal people – with normal lives – doing normal stuff. Not perfect but real. Always trying to be our best. If I had one word of advice to anyone that wanted it; it would be do your best each day and try to come from a place of service to others first. If you do that, everything takes care of itself”

Thanks for reading my story x

Richard Mills
Founder – SMC Studios

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